The Online Course 

This course is a roadmap for leaders, parents, and anyone who wants to learn how to better acknowledge and create relationships with people in their life so they can truly feel seen and thrive. 

For anyone who wants to form deeper relationships with their partner or family, be a more effective leader, learn how to (finally) step into who you have always wanted to be, and do what really matters to you. Allowing yourself to see and be seen—and doing the same for those around you—is the single best action you can take to build true connections and make things better in work and life. When we are acknowledged, we can love and lead more authentically, enhance our mental and physical health, and develop resilience to ride out any bumps along the way.

Course Objectives and Format

1. Why are we so disconnected? 

2. What do we do about it? 

3. How do we reconnect when we fall apart again?

Web-based video segments with Dr. Jody Carrington. Each segment has a corresponding exercise that will walk you through doing “the work” step by step, as we journey through what it takes to “Feel Seen” 

Learning Outcomes

This 3-part course will help you: 

Get you back to the best parts of yourself.

There is passion, insight, kindness, all of it is there – it always has been – given the weight of this world, so many of us have lost access to it.

We need a roadmap back, and all the skills to get back there again and again, when (not if) we lose our way again. 

What's Inside: The Curriculum

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Available in days
days after you enroll
  PART II: The Roadmap Back to Each Other: When We’re Acknowledged, We Rise
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Part III: When We Lose Our Way Again: Three Revolutionary Reconnection Practices
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About Dr. Jody

Dr. Jody is a psychologist, best-selling author, and public speaker with an affinity for helping teams and organizations overcome their most complex, human-centred problems. Her glowing energy and incomparable ability to connect with audiences result in compelling keynotes and life-changing workshops. 

The message is simple: we are wired to do the hard things, but we are so much braver together. 

Jody speaks passionately (and humourously) about resilience, burnout, mental health, leadership, grief and trauma– and how reconnection is the answer to so many of the root problems we face. 

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