Why Leaders These Days?

This is a course for all levels of leaders across all industries. Every successful organization is built on the same philosophy: they focus on how their people are managed, not the products they sell, or even the customers they serve.

It seems there are universal truths in strong teams and across industries, and it’s no surprise that it comes down to how employees are treated. The issue with leaders these days is that they have never, in the history of the free world, had to lead during a time of such great disconnect.

The “best practices” in which leaders reward productivity and punish for a lack of output were created for a world that no longer exists. The time has come for a significant shift. When your people feel seen, they will rise—like you’ve never seen them before—to the best of their ability at any given moment. 

About Dr. Jody

Dr. Jody is a psychologist, best-selling author, and public speaker with an affinity for helping teams and organizations overcome their most complex, human-centred problems. Her glowing energy and incomparable ability to connect with audiences result in compelling keynotes and life-changing workshops. 

The message is simple: we are wired to do the hard things, but we are so much braver together. 

Jody speaks passionately (and humourously) about resilience, burnout, mental health, leadership, grief and trauma– and how reconnection is the answer to so many of the root problems we face. 

The leaders in your organization will:

1.    Understand the neurological underpinnings of motivation and commitment and why our people often feel they don’t matter these days.

2.    An understanding of what “burnout” means and the subsequent costs to mental and physical health that inevitably result in huge financial burdens for organizations. 

3.    Explore what it truly means to connect to your people, how “feeling seen” results in significant productivity and an increase in mental wellness, regardless of the size of the organization you are a part of.  

4.    Review how we as leaders experience loneliness and isolation. We’ll explore what it takes to stay in the game so we can continue to serve our people (and have them work harder and more efficiently because of it). 

5.    How to get the best out of your players/Succession Planning. You can’t lead everyone the same way. You can have the outline but you don’t get a script. 

Course Format and Schedule

Course Format:

Web-based video segments with founder Dr. Jody Carrington, with a dynamic workbook of exercises and resources.


Course Schedule:

(x6) 45-minute modules to be completed as a series of “lunch and learns” or a one-day focused course that leaders can do alone or work through together as a team.

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