I believe in two things.

I believe in the idea that you are exactly where you need to be. No matter how painful. No matter how wonderful. But wherever you are, you need to be there. 

I believe that everyone has a “story” and it is this story that guides your relationships. Understanding your own story can help you make sense of where you’ve come from and in the writing of all future chapters that await.

For a long time, I thought “helping people” meant fixing things—it was my “job” in my family. Slowly, along the way, I have learned that it is not about having the answer. It’s not about fixing. If you can connect, however, and truly understand someone’s story—that’s where the power lies. In the relationship.

Hi, I'm Jody.

Over the past 15 years, I have assessed, treated, educated and empowered some of our most vulnerable and precious souls on the planet. I’m a child psychologist by trade but, these days, I rarely treat kids. Because, I believe, the answer lies in the people who hold them—in shifting the way they think and feel about the holy work that they do. Especially when kids have experienced trauma, that’s when they need big people the most. Some of my favourites include educators, parents, first responders, and foster parents. 

Before I started on this mission of reconnection, I worked at the Alberta Children’s Hospital on the inpatient and day treatment units where I held families with some of the most difficult stories. They taught me the most important lessons: we are wired to do hard things; we can handle those hard things so much easier when we remember that we’re wired for connection.

Jody’s first book, Kids These Days: A Game Plan for (Re)Connecting with those we Teach, Lead & Love, came out in 2019 and sold 20,000 copies in just three months. It is now on Amazon’s Best Sellers List.